SIGN UP For Guest Performance Opportunities In DECEMBER

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Attention Community,
In an effort to give more opportunities for stage time to the general improv community, 10,000 Hours practice sessions participants, with indie teams, will be able to perform as an opener for a Sunday 10,000 Hours show. All shows are at 6pm.
Available Dates:

Sunday, November 29th

Sunday, December 6th

Sunday, December 13th

Sunday, December 20th

Sunday, December 27th

Please read the following carefully to prevent mistakes and disqualifications.
How will this work?
Each month, I will send an email to the mailing list, as a call for indie teams to perform as an opener for one of the Sunday 10,000 Hours shows in the following month. (If you are not on the mailing list, please email to be added.) 
The opening spot for the show will be given on a first come first served basis, however your team can be disqualified if your team’s info is not given completely or if the requirements are not meant. (See below) You can also be added to the standby list, should all spots become filled.
Once you discuss what date is best for your team, have your team captain (not several people from the same team) use this link to respond:

Once a date is confirmed by me, your team will receive an email giving additional info about your performance and reminding you of the requirements. The most important requirement is that at least half of your team’s roster must sign up, in advanced and attend, at least 1 (one) practice session in the previous month before the show. (i.e. – You have a show scheduled for some time in April, the last opportunity to sign up and attend a practice session is March 31th).
When and where are the 10,000 Hours shows?
Sundays at 6pm, in the Underground Theater of The Peoples Improv Theater – Teams need to arrive no later than 5:40 to warm up in the greenroom or as a part of the 10K Jam Jam.
Are two-prov teams welcome to play?
How much time do we get?
18-20 minutes
What if I have a practice group and we’re not sure if we’re a team because we haven’t done any shows yet. Can we sign up?
Yes! This is the perfect opportunity for you to get stage time, in a low stakes, supportive environment.
Can we request a date that’s pretty far out in the future?
You can technically request a date not listed, however, I will only be responding to requests for the dates offered for that month. See dates above.
What if some of us just show up to a practice session before our show? We attended, so we’re good right?
No. Per above, at least half of your team needs to sign up, in advanced, and attend at least 1 (one) practice session in the previous month. Just “dropping in” doesn’t count.
What if we sign up the same day as a practice session, doesn’t that count?
No. Per above, you must sign up in advanced (up to 9pm the night before a session, per the info on the Practice Sessions Page). Signing up the same day is considered a drop in because you were not on the final confirmation that was sent, the night before.
What qualifies as half of our team, if we’re an odd number team?
The larger part of a split. i.e. You have 7 people on your team, at least 4 people should attend a practice session.
Do we have to attend the practice sessions together?
No, but it always helps. Right?
What happens if we’re confirmed for a slot to play but at least half of us don’t make the practice sessions?
In the middle of the month, I will send you a “warning” email informing your team of the number of people that still need to attend. If those individuals do not sign up and attend a practice session before the end of the month, your roster will be short those individuals on the night of the show. (See answers to questions about full teams not being available below)
What happens if our full team isn’t available to perform on the date that we chose?
If your full team is not available but you do have at least 5 players, you still play. No heads up needed but that communication doesn’t hurt.
If you’re less than 5 players, please inform me by the Wednesday before the show. I will ask some of the 10K players/coaches to round out your team.
If for some reason your entire team is not able to play on the date that you chose in advanced; shame on you. You are the Goof Troop and you should only do improv with your long, floppy eared leader. Please inform me by the Wednesday before the show. If you do not give me a heads up and your team is a no show/no email, your team will be disqualified from doing future shows in this capacity.
If you’re a two-prov duo and one of you can’t play, the “entire team can’t play” rule goes into effect.
Why does it matter how many people play in our show or come to a 10K practice session from our team? Its our show. Who cares?? 
The goal of the 10,000 Hours teams is to give auditioned practice sessions participants the opportunity to experience “mock” house teams; in that they are accountable to a larger entity and they are given regular performance slots. The teams are encouraged to practice and play together as consistently as possible, to promote growth (on a personal level and on a team level).
To that end, we believe it is important to be consistent in practice and play. It sucks when you’re on an 8 person team and only 4 people end up coming to practices regularly and then all of a sudden when its show time, the other 4 people show up. Chances are, you’re not growing and its not as fun as it could be.
I know this was a lot of information to read, however, if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. If I think its repetitive, I might refer you back to this message but your question will be answered.
I look forward to receiving your submissions.
Michelle F. Thomas
10,0000 Hours Co-Director