New Coaches Workshop – April 30th

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Hello People Interested in Coaching for 10,000 Hours!

What is 10,000 Hours? 10,000 Hours is a program that former PIT house team member, Julia Morales, started about 6 years ago to give people in the improv community the opportunity to practice on a consistent basis, at an inexpensive rate. Some sessions are free but the most participants will ever pay is $8 (unless it’s a special workshop).

Why is it so cheap? Good question and the answer is important to you as a possible future coach. It’s because coaches volunteer their time and thus the participants are only splitting the cost of the room. That said, participants usually do tip. Each month, I send out the dates that need to be filled by coaches. You only sign up for the sessions that you are available to coach that month. If you can’t do any. No harm no foul.

If all of this sounds good to you and you want to coach for 10,000 Hours, here’s some additional info you should know:

Coaches should be on a house team or have previous house team experience OR completed a course of study at one of the major theaters (The PIT, Magnet, UCB, Annoyance) and have performed with a team for at least 2 years. For those that are new to NYC and have completed studies at Second City or iO, in full transparency, I will be asking folks in the community about you. Hopefully, your reputation proceeds you (in a good way).

If you meet those requirements, you’ll participate in a New Coaches Workshop led by a veteran performer/teacher (next one is April 30th 4:30 – 7pm – THE WORKSHOP WILL CAP AT 6 PARTICIPANTS) The workshop is a low stakes way for you to get some practice, using a mock team to take notes on. For those that already have coaching experience, yes, you are still required to attend. Never hurts to brush up some skills.  Participants will split the cost of the coach and room for this workshop but it will not be more than $10. (I’ll add that this is a pretty good deal, considering you would have to pay $100 for 6 hours through a major theater)

Lastly,  while many coaches do go on to eventually land teaching jobs because of getting their feet wet here first; please do not sign up to be a coach for 10K if you’re only looking for connections.  Coaching is kind of a thankless task and participants can sometimes be “headstrong” to put it nicely. It is important for me to have coaches that are supportive and interested in giving back to the community. If you feel that you don’t connect with the above philosophy, please rethink your decision.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or send me a note to let me know that you’re interested in participating –


Michelle F. Thomas

10,000 Hours Co-Director