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Attention Community:

Payments for practice sessions will now be via VENMO ONLY.

Why is this happening?: Currently, we are not allowed to keep the 10K communications box, overnight, at the new space, as we were able to at Simple Studios. Not having the box in a central location means coordinating an extra step between myself and the monitors or coaches, so that I can be reimbursed for payment on the rooms. To eliminate this extra step, we need to move to a cashless system, until we can find a space that will fully accommodate our needs.

What does this mean for you if you don’t have Venmo?: If you show up to a practice session with cash only for payment, you will not be allowed to attend. Certainly bring cash for tipping coaches but cash will no longer be accepted for payment for practice sessions. If you don’t have Venmo, the only two recommendations that I can offer are:

1. Ask someone in your practice session to submit payment for you. If you do take this option, make sure that they include your name in the comments. i.e. “Payment for myself and Bob Ross.” The other option, is the obvious one, 2. Get Venmo. Most of us are making payments for bills via electronic transfer anyway and if you are taking improv classes, you know that you can’t pay for class with cash. Payments are done through an electronic payment system. So, although these are practice sessions, not classes, this is a system that has been in place for a long time in other related capacities.

This is the direction that we need to move in. I believe this is pretty clear but if you absolutely have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Thank you for understanding.


Michelle F. Thomas

10,000 Hours Co-Director