10,000 Hours thanks the many coaches that have given their time and talents, to coaching the improv community. Without your work, this program would not be successful.

Here are a few of those coaches, in no particular order.

(10,000 Hours Founder)
(The Baldwins)
(The Legend of Dillon Gunt)
(Taco Supreme)
(VLM Studios)
(Annoyance Theater)
(Gypsy Danger)
(People Improvising)
(Duran, Duran, Duran)
(10,000 Hours Co-Director)
(Study Hall)
(The Baldwins)
(Lightning Round)
(The Duke)
(Family Haircut)
(The Chris and Paul Show)
(King Zebra)
(Cum Laude)
(Mike Brown Solo Extravaganza)
(Second City Theatricals)
(Electoral Dysfunction)
Kim Parker
Steve Ling
(Indie Indie Cagematch)
(PIT Drop In Classes)
(Animal Farm)
Zachary Ross
(The Tank’s The Armory Founder/Director)
(The 27 Club)
(Jean Pool)
(Tickle Party)
(Gas Station Horror)
(Classic Anne)
(The Duke)
(Loyalty Program)
Ralf Jean-Pierre
(The Hand-Me-Downs)
(Target Practice)
Joanna Shaw Flamm